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The Conquest of Britain
A Campaign Game for Queen of the Celts
Dave Murray

April 2012

Rome at War: Queen of the Celts covers the Roman invasion of Britain from AD 43 to AD 84. The first six scenarios cover the resistance of the Celtic tribes under Caratacus to the invading Romans. Presented here is a set of rules for linking the first six scenarios of Queen of the Celts into a simple campaign that covers the Roman invasion.

The Conquest of Rome campaign map links the scenarios of Queen of the Celts into a sequential track that players follow to see if the Romans conquer Britain or whether the Britons remain masters of their homeland.

The campaign starts in The Medway battle box. Players begin the campaign game by playing Scenario #1: The Medway exactly as outlined in the scenario book. The outcome of this battle and each battle thereafter determines what happens next. Use the victory conditions and order of battle as-written for each scenario (except as described below). The campaign ends when one of the conditions listed in section 3.3 occurs, and players score campaign victory points and determine who wins the campaign per section 3.4.

3.1 Fighting Battles
If the Roman player wins a battle or the battle is a draw, then that battle is over and players move along the campaign track to the next battle. If the Roman player loses a battle, that battle must be replayed.

3.11 Unit Casualties
If players replay a battle, all units listed in scenario instructions for that battle appear again at full-strength (casualties are assumed to have been replaced). Losses in previous battles do not affect the availability or strength of units that appear again in later battle scenarios.

3.12 Leader Casualties
The loss of leaders has a lasting effect. If during a battle a leader is killed, then the replacement leader will take the place of that leader in all future battles. If a scenario begins with a replacement leader in play, the enemy player immediately scores any victory points listed in scenario instructions for having killed the dead leader (he can do this in multiple battles if the same dead leader is scheduled to appear in them).

3.2 Bonus Units
The player who wins a given battle gets one extra unit in the next battle. The winning player rolls one die on the table below to see what type of unit he or she receives as a bonus unit:

Dieroll Effects
1 2 Light Infantry
3 4 Archer
5 6 Light Cavalry

If all friendly units of the type for which the die is rolled are already in play in the next battle per scenario instructions, roll again. If not, the rolling player places in a cup all friendly units of the type indicated by the dieroll which do not appear in the next battle. He or she then randomly draws one and adds it to any friendly formation that contains at least one unit of the same type per scenario instructions (if no such formation exists, add it to any friendly formation). The unit must start the game in any area where one or more units of its formation start, unless that would cause the area to be overstacked. In that case it may setup in any area adjacent to one or more units of its formation.

3.3 Ending the Campaign Game
The campaign ends the first time any of the following events occurs:

  • The Roman player wins the Last Stand at Caersws scenario.
  • After 12 battles have been played (each replay of a battle counts as one battle, just like battles that are played only once).
  • Either player voluntarily surrenders.

3.4 Winning the Campaign Game
The winner of a battle scores 2 campaign victory points. If a battle is a draw, each player scores 1 campaign victory point. A player whose campaign victory point score is 1 or 2 more than his opponent at the end of the campaign scores a Minor Victory. A player whose campaign victory point score is at least 3 more than his opponent at the end of the campaign scores a Major Victory. If a player voluntarily surrenders, his opponent scores a Major Victory. A tie score is a draw.

You can download the campaign map here.

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