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Midsummer 2014 Golden Journal.

The Habsburg Fleet. $39.99

Red & White. $24.99

Pusan Perimeter. $79.99

1940: The Fall of France. $99.99

Burning Tigers. $79.99

Saipan 1944. $79.99

Marianas 1944. $34.99

Fortress Malta. $39.99

Horn of Africa. $44.99

Russo-Japanese War. $59.99

1967: Sword of Israel. $119.99

Remember the Maine. $59.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Viking Funerals: Two More Days!
Six older Panzer Grenadier games and 10 books face Viking Funerals: they're at clearance prices, and what's not sold off by December 23rd meets a fiery doom.

Black December: Ending Soon
You can get 16 boxed games and 14 books at steep discount prices in Black December, our annual winter sale. It also ends on the 23rd.

August 1914:
Artillery Variant

21 December 2014:
Mark Merritt brings is a set of variant artillery rules for Infantry Attacks games. Try them out in August 1914, now on sale in Black December (but not for much longer!).

Eastern Front: Anti-Tank Rifles
20 December 2014:
Today Jason Rahman provies a variant for anti-tank rifle platoons in assault combat, for both Eastern Front and Road to Berlin. Grab them while you still can!

Black SS: The Pieces
19 December 2014:
Today we take a look at the pieces found in Panzer Grenadier: Black SS, now on sale for just $18 (regular price 29.99) in Black December. Spoiler alert: they're black.

Road to Berlin: Soviet Tanks, Part III
18 December 2014:
By the end of the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army fielded an impressive array of powerful tanks, and in huge numbers. You can find them in Panzer Grenadier: Road to Berlin.

Island of Death: Combined Campaign
17 December 2014:
Brian Knipple brings us a scenario combining Island of Death with Alamein for a massive combined game. Island of Death is part of Black December, so pick it up now.

Eastern Front: German Infantry Guns
16 December 2014:
Germany armed its foot soldiers with their own small artillery pieces, known as infantry guns. We look at these weapons today, found in the soon-to-retire Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front.

Mediterranean: French Pre-Dreadnoughts
15 December 2014:
David Hughes resumes his look at old battleships, studying French pre-dreadnoughts. They're found in Great War at Sea Mediterranean, on sale now in Black December.

Airborne: Online Play!
14 December 2014:
You can play the scenarios in Panzer Grenadier: Airborne with either VASSAL or Sun-tzu. Grab Airborne while you still can; it goes away when the Viking Funeral ends.

Soldier Kings: Kingdom of Naples
13 December 2014:
Covering southern Italy, the Kingdom of Naples represented a large but poor country on the fringes of Europe. We look at it today, with a free download and variant for Soldier Kings.

Jungle Fighting: The 25-Pounder
12 December 2014:
Britain's well-designed 25-pounder artillery piece appears in many Panzer Grenadier games and supplements, including Jungle Fighting - part of our Viking Funeral Sale for just eight bucks.

Mediterranean: Italian Pre-Dreadnoughts
11 December 2014:
David Hughes resumes his look at old ships, with the story of Italy's pre-dreadnoughts. They're found in Great War at Sea Mediterranean, on sale now in Black December.

Red Vengeance: Still More Options!
10 December 2014:
Design William Sariego returns with still more options for Red Vengeance. The game goes away this month in our Viking Funeral Sale.

Great Pacific War: Japan's Bomb
9 December 2014:
Japanese scientists attempted to create an atomic bomb, and today we look at their program, together with a free download for Great Pacific War. The game's on sale in Black December.

Road to Berlin: Alternate Tigers
8 December 2014: Jason Rahman's back again with the story of Germany's Tiger tank, with a free download of an alternative design. You can use them in Panzer Grenadier: Road to Berlin.

Battle of the Bulge: American Tank Destroyers
7 December 2014: Jason Rahman is back to tell us about American tank destroyers, a key element in our Battle of the Bulge game. The game's going out of stock as part of our Viking Funeral Sale.

Eastern Front: The Romanian Army
6 December 2014:
Our Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front also includes Romanian forces and their role in the 1941 campaign. Pick up a copy of the game now before it heads to Valhalla.

Jungle Fighting: Publisher's Farewell
5 December 2014: We're closing out Panzer Grenadier: Jungle Fighting in our Viking Funeral Sale, so today the publisher looks back on this expansion book for Guadalcanal.

Sky Pilots: Clergy at War, Part 2
4 December 2014:
Tom Oxley resumes his three-part series on the role of chaplains in the U.S. Army in World War II. Today we look at how chaplains served in combat and behind the lines.

Horn of Africa: Modifiable Ship Data
3 December 2014: Jeffrey Staben is back with Excel-format modifiable ship data sheets for Second World War at Sea: Horn of Africa. Now the game's even easier to play.

Sky Pilots: Clergy at War, Part 1
2 December 2014:
Tom Oxley kicks off a three-part series on the role of chaplains in the U.S. Army in World War II. Today we look at how chaplains were recruited and trained.

Sinister Forces: The End
1 December 2014:
We're closing out Panzer Grenadier: Sinister Forces in our Viking Funeral Sale, so today the publisher looks back on this first of our many scenario-books-with-pieces.

Mediterranean: Austrian Pre-Dreadnoughts
30 November 2014: With Great War at Sea: Mediterranean on sale in Black December, today David Hughes takes a look at the game's most important pieces, Austria's pre-dreadnought battleships.

Deluxe Beda Fomm: Italy's Iron Coffin
29 November 2014:
Our Deluxe Beda Fomm expansion for Afrika Korps includes the ancient Italian L5/30 tank. We look at this vehicle today, as Afrika Korps approaches its Viking Funeral.

Queen of the Celts: Britain Invaded
28 November 2014:
Our Rome at War: Queen of the Celts covers the Roman invasion of Britain, and today we take a look at the Celtic resistance. Pick up a copy in our Black December sale.

Eastern Front: Romanian Air Power
27 November 2014: We'll soon retire Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front, so today we look at the game's Romanian air power. Pick up a copy of your own in our Viking Funeral sale and fly into battle.

Zeppelins/Jutland: All Your Base ...
26 November 2014:
Great War at Sea: Zeppelins, is on sale now in Black December along with the series' core game, Jutland. Today Ernie Wheeler has a zeppelin base variant for them.

Battle of the Bulge: German Tank Destroyers
25 November 2014: Before the year ends, Battle of the Bulge will go away forever in our Viking Funeral sale. Today Jason Rahman looks at late-model German tank destroyers.

Ten Years of Content
21 November 2014: This week marks a full decade since we started this feature, still unique in the wargame biz (because no one else is stupid enough to try it). Today the publisher looks back on this monument to hypergraphia.

Royal Netherlands Navy: Designer Preview
20 November 2014: The Second Great War at Sea continues with Royal Netherlands Navy, the latest installment in our alternative-history setting. Today the designer previews this upcoming book.

Afrika Korps: Deluxe Beda Fomm
19 November 2014: Brian McCue and Peter Lloyd bring you a huge expansion set for Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps, based on the Battle of Beda Fomm. It's all free to the Gold Club.


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