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Summer 2013 Golden Journal.

Fortress Malta. $39.99

Summer 2013 Golden Journal.

Horn of Africa. $44.99

Liberation 1944. $74.99

Russo-Japanese War. $59.99

1967: Sword of Israel. $119.99

U.S. Navy Plan Red. $59.99

Western Desert Force. $44.99

Hammer & Sickle. $24.99

Plan Crimson. $59.99

Edelweiss. $29.99

Remember the Maine. $59.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Stuff on Sale - Really, Really on Sale
Spring is here, and with it huge discounts on 14 boxed games, like:
U.S. Navy Plan Gold. Retail $59.99, sale $30.00
Great War at Sea: Mediterranean. Retail $74.99, sale $50.00.
Panzer Grenadier: Afrike Korps. Retail $74.99, sale $30.00.
You can see them all right here.

First Axis: The Pieces
19 April 2014: Our book about Slovakia's army, Panzer Grenadier: First Axis, came back into print earlier this year and today we take a look at the 88 playing pieces it includes.

Marianas 1944: Publisher's Preview
18 April 2014: Today we look at the upcoming Panzer Grenadier expansion book Marianas 1944, featuring the work of Dave Lippman and Jay Townsend. It has new maps, new pieces, and 30 new scenarios.

Saipan: The Battle, Part Seven
17 April 2014: Dave Lippman resumes the story, as the Army falters, the Marines grow angry, and the Japanese keep fighting. It's all seen in our Saipan 1944.

Mediterranean: Seaplane Carrier Cards
16 April 2014: Great War at Sea: Mediterranean has no display cards for its seaplane carriers, because you don't need them. But now you can have them anyway - in black&white or in color.

Pusan Perimeter: The Pershing Tank, Part One
15 April 2014: Arrigo Velicogna returns with a look at the M26 Pershing, as seen in Iron Curtain: Patton's Nightmare and the upcoming Korean War: Pusan Perimeter.

Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944
14 April 2014: Designer Jay Townsend returns us to the Pacific with Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944, an expansion book for Saipan 1944 that covers the fighting on Guam and Tinian with two new maps and 30 scenarios.

Jutland: Grand Fleet Organizations
13 April 2014: From Adrian Davis, we have details of the Royal Navy's pre-war plan to organize the Grand Fleet, Channel Fleet and Mediterranean Fleet. You can lead the Grand Fleet in our Jutland.

August 1914: Armies of the Tsar
12 April 2014: Robert Williams tells us about the Imperial Russian Army's organization in 1914, as seen in Infantry Attacks: Augist 1914.

Saipan: The Battle, Part Six
11 April 2014: Dave Lippman continues to tell of the Battle of Saipan, as seen in Panzer Grenadier: Saipan.

1940: Scenarios, Part Five
10 April 2014: After a long hiatus, we resume our survey of the scenarios in Panzer Grenadier: 1940, The Fall of France, soon to be released again in full Fourth Edition glory.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part 3
9 April 2014: Lorenzo Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, wraps up his survey of Italy's use of chemical weapons.

Jutland: Battle Cruiser Hood Scenario Four
8 April 2014: Jim Stear continues his series of Great Wat at Sea: Jutland scenarios featuring the battle cruiser Hood.

Mediterranean: Publisher's Preview
7 April 2014: It's the one game at the center of the Avalanche Press universe: Great War at Sea: Mediterranean. Today the designer/publisher talks about the legend. It's on sale right now!

Soldier Kings: Khan of the Crimea
5 April 2014: Crimea only became Russian thanks to brutal ethnic cleansing. Today we look at the previous rulers, the Crimean Tatars, as seen in Soldier Kings.

Saipan: The Battle, Part Five
4 April 2014: The story of Saipan continues in the masterful words of Dave Lippman. The Japanese attack with tanks, but the Marines steal their beer.

Desert Rats: Closing Out
3 April 2014: We're selling off the last copies of Panzer Grenadier: Desert Rats at a steep discount. Today the designer/publisher looks at the game, and what makes it unsuitable for reprint (hint: big paper maps). Order while you still can!

Turkish Black Sea Fleet: Play Aids
2 April 2014: The newest Golden Journal features the Turkish Black Sea Fleet, with 25 pieces and three scenarios for GWAS: Mediterranean. Today we have ship data sheets and carrier cards for the variant.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Eritrean Elephant Corps
1 April 2014: Today we look at the Eritrean Elephant Corps and the tragic death of its founder. Send your elephants into battle in the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia.

Battles of 1866: Austria's Breechloader
31 March 2014: Austria's army went to war with a muzzle-loading rifle in 1866 against Prussia's breech-loader, as seen in Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles. Would a more modern rifle really have helped?

Saipan: The Battle, Part Four
28 March 2014: Dave Lippman resumes his epic tale of the Battle of Saipan, as seen in our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Saipan 1944.

Golden Journal: New Year's 2014
27 March 2014: There's a new issue of the fabulous Golden Journal, this time featuring the Turkish Black Sea Fleet with 25 scorchless, sootless laser-cut pieces for use with GWAS: Mediterranean. It's free to the Gold Club!

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part Two
26 March 2014: Lorenzo Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, continues his survey of Italy's use of chemical weapons.

South Flank, Burning Tigers: Soviet Tanks
25 March 2014: William Sariego pays a visit to tell us about Soviet tanks found in two Panzer Grenadier games, Kursk: South Flank and the upcoming Kursk: Burning Tigers.

1940 The Fall of France: Publisher's Preview
24 March 2014: With 1940: The Fall of France returning to print with the Fourth Age of Panzer Grenadier, this is a good day for a publisher's preview of the game, something we missed doing before.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Publisher's Preview
21 March 2014: Italy gains an Empire, loses her honor: it's a look inside the box of our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia.

Pusan Perimeter: Scenario Preview, Part One
20 March 2014: The North Korean People's Army moves south in this preview of the first several scenarios from the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Korean War, Pusan Perimeter.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part One
19 March 2014: Loreno Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, begins a three-part examination of the Italian use of chemical weapons in Ethiopia.

Panzer Grenadier: Fourth Edition
18 March 2014: It's getting closer: the first new rules set for Panzer Grenadier in eight years. Today we have our first look at the series' Fourth Edition rules.





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