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Steppe and Sky
The entire purchase price of Steppe and Sky: A Brief History of Ukraine goes to refugee relief.

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Golden Annual No. 3: South Seas Mandate

16 May 2022:
For a very brief time, Gold Club members can snag the upcoming, exclusive complete game Great War at Sea: South Seas Mandate for free.

Jutland: Red Sailors, Part Two
15 May 2022: We continue a four-part study of the Bolshevik uprisings within the Imperial Russian Navy. They see (some) action in Great War at Sea: Jutland.

Great Pacific War: Guns of Singapore

14 May 2022:
Singapore's heavy coast-defense guns really could fire inland. Use them in Great Pacific War, returning soon in a new edition - the Gold Club can snag an upgrade kit.

Co-Prosperity Sphere: Publisher's Preview

13 May 2022:
Let's explore the innards of the Great Pacific War expansion Co-Prosperity Sphere - you can order it right here

British Carriers: Publisher's Preview

12 May 2022:
We delve into the ships and planes of Golden Journal No. 28: British Carriers.
It's an exclusive for our Gold Club.

The Cruel Sea: German Battle Cruisers, Part Three

11 May 2022: We're bringing The Cruel Sea back in a book edition, so today we conclude our look at the Kaiser's battle cruisers - you can order it right here!

Fire in the Steppe: First Look

10 May 2022: We look inside our splendid Panzer Grenadier: Fire in the Steppe - you can order it here!

Land Cruisers: Military Theory
9 May 2022: Today we place Panzer Grenadier: Land Cruisers in the context of 1930's military theory. You can order it right here.

Go For Broke: Publisher's Preview

8 May 2022:
We're talking about race again, in the historical background of our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Go For Broke, a story of immigrant heroism. You can order it right here.

Black Mountain: Scenario Preview, Part Two
7 May 2022: Let's delve some more into Austria-Hungary vs. Montenegro, the theme of our upcoming Infantry Attacks: Black Mountain. It's an exclusive for our Gold Club.

Iron Dogs: Publisher's Preview

6 May 2022:
Let's look at the ships of the upcoming Golden Journal No. 46: Iron Dogs - it's a Gold Club exclusive, free until 13 May 2022.

On Infantry Attacks

5 May 2022: We delve into our Infantry Attacks series, with an explanation of just what our Great War tactical combat series is all about.




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