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Dog Days 2016 Journal

Invasion 1944. $44.99

Maple Leaf Brigade

Birthday 2016 Journal

U.S. Navy Plan Gray

Defiant Russia. $44.99

Indian Empires. $49.99

Broken Axis. $79.99

Kursk: South Flank. $89.99

The Kokoda Campaign. $44.99

Liberation 1944. $79.99

An Army at Dawn. $79.99

Saipan 1944. $79.99

Burning Tigers. $79.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Black October: Best Price Ever
Gold Club members can take 30 percent off on 14 on our most popular games - the best discount we'll ever offer on them. Ever.

Black October: Back in Stock
Gold Club members can take 30 percent off on these favorites:
Great War at Sea: Zeppelins
Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944
Great War at Sea: Dreadnoughts
Panzer Grenadier: Winter Wonderland

Black October: Autumn Clearance
We've slashed the prices - most to less than half their old price, a couple to under $10 - on 10 of our older boxed games.

Marianas 1944: Publisher’s Preview

1 October 2016: We’ve returned Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944 to availableness and it’s shipping now, so today we look at this fine expansion book for Saipan 1944.

Gazala 1942: The Arrow Division
30 September 2016: The Italian 134th "Freccia" Armored Division never became operational. We look at this abortive project today; our new Heat Wave 2016 Golden Journal adds the unit to Gazala 1942.

Imperial Marines: Online Play
29 September 2016: Peter Lloyd provides a VASSAL extension allowing online play of our Imperial German Marines variant for Panzer Grenadier: The Kokoda Campaign.

Zeppelins: Publisher’s Preview
28 September 2016: Great War at Sea: Zeppelins is back, with its huge airship pieces and Advanced Zeppelin Leader rules. We look at the book today; Gold Club members can get 30 percent off!

Defiant Russia: The Rules
27 September2016: It's the full rulebook for the new Defiant Russia Player's Edition, available now for free download.

Plan Z: Battle Class Destroyers
26 September 2016: With Second World War at Sea: Plan Z launching very soon, tday we look at Britain's last wartime class of destroyers.

South American Navies: New Scenario
25 September 2016: Second Great War at Sea: South American Navies may be gone forever, but that hasn't stopped John Howard Oxley from returning with a new scenario.

Golden Journal: Heat Wave 2016
24 September 2016: The newest issue of our little rag adds a bunch of Italo-centric variants to Gazala 1942 (now just $9.99!) The Heat Wave 2016 Golden Journal is free to members of the Gold Club.

Plan Z: Ship Data
23 September 2016: Launch is imminent for the upcoming Second World War at Sea: Plan Z, so you may need these ship data sheets.

River Fleets: Mapping the Danube
22 September 2016: Special for the Gold Club, we have the limited-edition River Fleets. Here's a look at the beautiful maps.

Black Sea Fleets: The Rebuilding
21 September 2016: We'll soon re-release Black Sea Fleets in a revised edition to match the new La Regia Marina.

Second Great War: Germany's Pacific Colonies
20 September 2016: Our new Dog Days 2016 Golden Journal features a variant for Panzer Grenadier: The Kokoda Campaign and today we look at some of the alternative-historical background.

Triple Alliance: The Rebuilding
19 September 2016: Along with Great War at Sea: Mediterranean Ultimate Edition, we'll bring out a new edition of Triple Alliance.

Elsenborn Ridge: Upgraded Online Play
18 September 2016: Peter Lloyd has upgraded his VASSAL module allowing online play ofPanzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge. Yes, you still need a copy of the game to play with the module.

Winter Fury: Designer’s Notes
17 September 2016: With the new Playbook edition of Winter Fury on the verge of release and available for ordering now, the designer looks at this new edition of a fine old game.

Plan Z: Jet Planes!
16 September 2016:
Next up in our study of the soon-to-arrive Plan Z, we look at the German Air Force's jet planes.

Defiant Russia: Westerplatte, Part Two
15 September 2016: Dave Lippman concludes his tale of the valiant Polish defense of the Westerplatte fortress in 1939. Defiant Russia includes a Defiant Poland introductory scenario.

Plan Gold: Battle Scenario Seven
14 September 2016: John Howard Oxley joins us with a gigantic scenario for Great War at Sea: U.S. Navy Plan Gold.

Kursk: The Infantry
13 September 2016: We look at the foot soldiers found in two Panzer Grenadier games, Kursk: South Flank and Kursk: Burning Tigers.

Plan Z: Fancy British Carrier Cards
12 September 2016: We're nearing the launch of Plan Z, so you'll want these fancy British carrier cards.

Command & Control
11 September 2016: It's time to unveil the new brand for our revived series of battalion-level wargames: Command & Control.

Fading Legions: Rome in the East
10 September 2016: Rome long held Syria and Mesopotamia, the scene of fierce battles portrayed in Rome at War: Fading Legions and the upcoming Rome at War: King of Kings.

The Habsburg Fleet: The Rebirth
9 September 2016: Along with the upcoming SWWAStravaganza, we're bringing out a new edition of The Habsburg Fleet.

Plan Z: German Destroyers, Part Two
8 September 2016: Our study of the ships of Plan Z continues, concluding our look at German destroyers.

Frontier Battles: The Ad Latus
7 September 2016: Austrian corps commanders in Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles have an extra subordinate available to them, a concept a century ahead of its time known as the ad latus.

Fall of Empires: The Battle of Kraśnik, Part 1
6 September 2016: As Fall of Empires prepares for launch, look at the 1914 campaign in Galicia and the Battle of Kraśnik.

Fire in the Steppe: First Look
5 September 2016: It's time to take a look at the newest Panzer Grenadier game in the pipeline, Fire in the Steppe.

Defiant Russia: Westerplatte, Part One
4 September 2016: Dave Lippman tells of the valiant Polish defense of the Westerplatte fortress in 1939 (77 years ago this week). Defiant Russia includes a Defiant Poland introductory scenario.

Road to Dunkirk: First Look
3 September 2016: It's time to take a look at our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Road to Dunkirk, which follows the British Expeditionary Force across Belgium and France in 1940.


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