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49th Mountain Corps: Publisher's Preview
3 August 2021: Time to look inside the upcoming Fire in the Steppe: 49th Mountain Corps, an expansion for Fire in the Steppe - and Fire in the Steppe is on sale!

Franz Josef's Armies: Royal Hungarian Honvédség
2 August 2021: We sing of Hungary's national army under the Dual Monarchy, the Royal Hungarian Honvédség. Take them to battle in the upcoming Franz Josef's Armies.
Fire in the Steppe: 34th Tank Division
1 August 2021: We study the brief career of the Red Army's 34th Tank Division, which saw action at Brody-Dubno with its T35 heavy tanks, seen in Fire in the Steppe - now on sale!

The Second Great War: The Story
31 July 2021: Let's look into the story of our Second Great War alternative history, seen in the sourcebook The Second Great War, now on sale!

Rise of the Dragon: American Battle Cruisers

30 July 2021:
We talk about the proposed American battle cruiser of 1910; they're present in Great War at Sea: Rise of the Dragon, now on sale.

Armata Romana: Designer Preview
29 July 2021: The Royal Romanian Army takes the field in Armata Romana, an expansion for Fire in the Steppe. Both are now on sale!

Legions of Zog: Albania, Part One
28 July 2021: Albania borders on the Adriatic, and we look at her rich history. You can defend her from Italian invasion in the upcoming Golden Journal No. 39: Legions of Zog.

Race in America: Strange Fruit
27 July 2021: Black culture flourished in the 1920's and 1930's, even as racist violence continued. Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers tells these and more stories.

Britain's Battle of the Bulge: Scenario Preview, Part Five

26 July 2021:
We conclude our preview of the 11 scenarios found in the just-released Elsenborn Ridge: Britain’s Battle of the Bulge.

River Battleships: Those Beautiful Pieces

24 July 2021:
Let's look at the extraordinary pieces from the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: River Battleships. Look at them!

Book of Armaments: Soviet Heavy Mortars
23 July 2021: We study the Red Army's heavy mortars, found in the just-released Book of Armaments: Eastern Front Artillery.

Race in America: Klan Scam
22 July 2021: Even without vitamins or gold, the Ku Klux Klan re-appeared in the 1920's as a cash-grubbing scam; Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers tells these and more stories.

Race in America: Tulsa
21 July 2021: That's an American city, not Dresden. We struggle for the words to describe the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre; Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers is part of that story.



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