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Byzantium Eternal: The Embiggening
16 September 2021: We've enlarged Golden Journal No. 40: Byzantium Eternal way beyond the Golden Journal format; let's have a look inside.

Parachutes Over Crete: Heraklion
15 September 2021: Our upcoming Parachutes Over Crete: Heraklion adds nine new scenarios all about the 1941 German airborne assault on the Cretan capital.

The Kokoda Campaign: War in New Guinea, Part One
14 September 2021: We begin a three-part study of World War II in New Guinea, the theme of Panzer Grenadier: The Kokoda Campaign - it's available right now!

An Army at Dawn: The M3 Medium Tank
13 September 2021: Jim Werbaneth tells us about the American M3 Grant medium tank, seen in Panzer Grenadier: An Army at Dawn - it's available right now!

The Pragmatic Sanction
12 September 2021: Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI was sure that the Pragmatic Sanction would assure his daughter's rule. Its failure is seen in our upcoming Pragmatic Sanction.

Jutland: The Royal Danish Navy
11 September 2021: There are Danish ships in Great War at Sea: Jutland - it's available right now!

Fire & Sword: The Royal Tiger Tank
10 September 2021: We sing of the German Tiger II tank, found in games like the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Fire & Sword.

Tropic of Capricorn: The Invincibles
9 September 2021: We're bringing Tropic of Capricorn back in Playbook format soon, so today we look at some older battle cruisers converted into aircraft carriers.

Rise of the Dragon: The Story, Part One
8 September 2021: We sing of the (made-up) history behind Great War at Sea: Rise of the Dragon - it's available right now!

The Second Great War: Author's Notes

7 September 2021:
The author discusses our Second Great War sourcebook, The Second Great War - it's available right now!

Eastern Fleet: Creating the Eastern Fleet
6 September 2021: We study the origins of the Royal Navy's Eastern Fleet, the centerpiece of Second World War at Sea: Eastern Fleet - it's available right now!

SWWAS River Plate: Voyage of the Graf Spee, Part Two
5 September 2021: Jim Werbaneth continues the tale of the German armored cuiser Admiral Graf Spee, theme of the upcoming Golden Journal No. 43: River Plate.

Fulda Gap 1968: The Story
4 September 2021: Let's have a look at the background to our upcoming Panzer Grenadier (Modern) game, Cold War: Fulda Gap 1968.


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